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    Magistrate’s Court of Victoria

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The Magistrates Court is the first level of the Victorian court system. With 51 courts across Victoria, it’s where most criminal, family and civil matters are first heard. With lockdowns, there had been a surge of family violence matters.

In response, the Magistrate’s Court wanted to improve the court experience for Affected Family Members (AFMs).

Other courts had recently installed iPad kiosks in their main buildings. Visitors were using these and the feedback was positive. After numerous successful projects together, Today was engaged to work out how to utilise these kiosks for the Family Violence Courts.

Project goals

Improve the visitor experience: A day in court is one of the most stressful situations a person can experience – the product created needed to minimise this.

True MVP approach: Given the rising number of incidents, a quick launch was the highest priority.

Flexibility: The design needed to work within a system of multiple products that were being worked on simultaneously.

Reduce administration time: Enquiries at the counter should be reduced as a result of the new product.

User journeys captured ‘The day at court’ of multiple visitors. The experience differed when factoring non-english speaking backgrounds, residency status, income, support from extended family etc.

We decided the core navigation would be based on the events of the day – particularly the events that visitors found most stressful and confusing.

Buttons are large and obvious to allow for readability.

Imagery was useful where people had limited understanding of English.

Staying true to the MVP approach we wanted to gain early feedback. We gave AFMs ample (and simple) opportunities to provide it.

*Wireframes were produced in a team with another designer.