• Client

    Black Dog Institute

  • Agency

    Carter Digital

Black Dog Institute is a not for profit organisation dedicated to preventing, understanding and treating mental illness. Black Dog engaged Carter to complete the UX and UI redesign of the Bite Back program.

Bite Back is a six-week program targeted at 13-16 year olds. It provides opportunities to learn life skills such as mindfulness and gratitude.

Designed by psychologists, the 6-week program itself was successful. Unfortunately, the product was not translating well with the audience.

Project goals

Increase the number of signups to the program

Increase the program completion rate

Giving teenagers skills like gratitude and mindfulness meant they were better prepared in life

Introducing gamification

It was one thing to get signups, but the real challenge was getting people to come back. The research showed users regularly played games on their phone. Those games generally followed the same pattern of unlocking levels to move through.

We decided to use this gamification strategy to Bite Back. Each week users scored a token. If at the end of the program they had 3 of the same token, they won a sweet voucher.

The quizzes were working well however we wanted to make them shareable and easier to use. Strategically we used them to drive the signup message.
We broke down each week’s information into bite size chunks. This way you could see exactly where you were, and how much further you had left to go.
By introducing activities users could take the skills they had learnt and apply them to their life.


11,541 new students signed up for the program
Returning visitors increased from 12% to 29%
Users stayed on the website for an average of 6:12 minutes (up from 4:17 minutes)
The average pages per session increased from 4.45 to 5.28
Bounce rate decreased from 37.5% to 30.6%
The program was funded again and continues to run today.